malaysia construction expo

Construction and Building Expo

Building Materials This expo will involve companies that are involved in building materials. This includes brick suppliers, cement manufacturers, steel and metal producers and sand-miners, among others. It is a great platform for producers of these materials to find new and potential customers that range from home owners and renovators to contractors and interior designers.…

malaysia computer expo

Computer and Accessories Expo

Computers and Laptops The Computer and Laptops segment has been one of the most popular markets that utilized these expos for exposure and business. This is because one of the most effective consumer behaviors when it comes to purchasing of these products was to visit these expos. In such events, brand owners will take the…

malaysia motor expo

Bicycles and Motorcycles Expo

Bicycles Types of products on display include mainly top bicycle brands. This includes bicycles that are used for all types of purposes whether it is for commercial or leisure. Manufacturers of bicycles used for commercial businesses like retail and food delivery are usually on display here. Meanwhile, there are bicycles that are used for leisure…

malaysia beauty expo

Beauty and Toiletries Expo

Beauty Products The Beauty products segment is one of the largest markets in the world. Made up primarily of cosmetic brands and makeup companies, the female consumer segment is known to be worth billions globally. As such, in this expo, there will be a rush for space among manufacturers of beauty products like makeup and…

malaysia art expo

Art and Antiques Expo

Art This expo is ideal for artists, art galleries and anyone in the art industry looking to enjoy a wider reach of audience. The art expo is a great platform to gather artists who can showcase their artworks as a collective group of exhibition. Paintings This would be best done through using digital images via…

malaysia automotive expo

Automotive and Parts Expo

Automotive Shows An automotive show is among the most popular types of expo for both the manufacturers and car enthusiasts. This type of show is usually very anticipated because it is where new cars are being showcased and visitors are able to get close to the cars from manufacturers like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda as well…

malaysia aviation expo

Aviation and Air Service Expo

Aviation This type of expo is usually held in a very big scale mainly because it involves airplanes and aviation equipment which are large and bulky. There is usually participation from aviation companies round the world who join this expo in order to demonstrate what their airplanes and machines can do. In Aviation Expos, companies…

malaysia furniture fair

Furniture Expo

Furniture Manufacturers This expo will involve manufacturer of furniture from all segments. Home furniture like sofas, kitchen cabinets, lighting frames as well as office furniture manufacturers like tables, cabinets and lighting use this expo to showcase their full range of products and what makes their brand so popular and efficient. Most furniture manufacturers can showcase…

malaysia jobs expo

Jobs and Career Expo

Online Jobs The Jobs and Career Expo can be used by online job portals to collect more members. They will usually provide registration for job seekers to register accounts and deposit their resume and in return match them with any potential vacancies that they are seeking for. This is usually done at the expo and…